Q & A With High Watch Recovery

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Analytics, Behavioral Health, Credentialing, Revenue Cycle Management

Billing Solutions Team
Billing Solutions provides medical billing services for behavioral healthcare practices.

Billing Solutions has been partnered with High Watch Recovery Center for years; as such, we’ve seen them go from a well-respected organization that opened in 1939 (with the first established 12-step program), to an even more robust company with an expanded reach. High Watch Recovery Center treats insurance clients across the country and they will soon broaden the scope of services offered with the opening of their Detox program.

With that, the Director of Admissions and Director of Utilization Review agreed to sit down and explain how Billing Solutions has helped them navigate the ever-changing landscape of commercial insurance, so grab your second (or third) cup of coffee and join our chat!

Q & A With the Director of Client Intakes & Admissions at High Watch Recovery

Q: While we understand the myriad of work that goes into dealing with commercial insurance, what would you say was the biggest obstacle keeping you from taking the leap?

A: “High Watch has been open since 1939 and was established as the world’s first 12-step treatment center, so you can imagine the fear we had to change anything drastic after 75+ years of being operational. In short, it was daunting, but we took the leap and felt confident knowing we were in expert hands with Billing Solutions. They helped us understand the ins and outs of insurance and continue to provide support to ensure we make the best decisions for our business.”

Q: As much as we’d like to talk about the beautiful snow in Connecticut, we’ll ask a question about the struggles experienced by High Watch in relation to the insurance billing landscape…

A: “We learned very quickly how communication with clients can cease once they are discharged from our program, so with the help from Billing Solutions, we revitalized our admissions process which allowed us to be proactive, ensuring we’re covered if issues arise down the road. There were certainly growing pains with transitioning to insurance, with the appropriate clinical documentation needed, to communicating effectively with families, but as I said before, we’ve continued to feel supported in navigating it all with Billing Solutions’ help.”

Q: And lastly, can you talk about how Billing Solutions has helped you meet your financial goals?

A: “Billing Solutions has educated us on the importance of a robust payer mix, offering insight into reimbursement trends, as well as a clear analytic platform (Nectar) that we can view at any time, customizing to best fit our needs as a business.”

Q & A With the Director of Utilization Review at High Watch Recovery

Q: What would you say you do here? Office Space, anyone? Okay, no… can you talk about anything that stands out in terms of what Billing Solutions offers to your facility?

A: “Billing Solutions offers so much to High Watch on a daily basis. We can focus on guest care, knowing all of the billing and claims headaches will be taken care of. They are experts in the nuances of each carrier requirement that only comes from years of experience.”

Q: How has Billing Solutions helped streamline procedures for High Watch?

A: “Billing Solutions was instrumental in helping us in our long audit with Cigna. They’ve helped us navigate multiple insurance company audits, providing everything necessary to show not only compliance, but excellent chart documentation. Prior to using Billing Solutions we were a cash pay facility that had little insight into the requirements necessary to take on and get reimbursed by insurance carriers; the amount of research it would take to establish a comprehensive understanding while staying up to date on the consistent updates and changes that take place is not something we had any interest in taking on ourselves.”

Q: Really putting you on the spot here, but what would you say precludes High Watch from taking billing in house?

A: “Billing Solutions has expert staff in every area: benefits, clinical documentation, billing guidelines, medical records, the list goes on… We would need to hire dozens of people to provide the fast and expert service Billing Solutions provides, not to mention, we thoroughly enjoy working with the staff.”

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