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What makes Billing Solutions unique?

The growth of Billing Solutions has been organic, acquiring business through reputation and referral-based practices. We have developed some of the best billing practices in the industry by having over 50 years’ experience on both the provider and administration side of the behavioral health and substance abuse industry. We have always maintained a philosophy that no facility is too big or too small, going above and beyond what your typical billing service would provide. Beginning with admission all the way to clinical, our approach is hands on. Our Founder and COO are always available to speak to clients. We take pride in being progressive. Our experts are knowledgeable and quick to recognize trends in the industry in order to inform clients of any upcoming changes or shifts in the insurance world. We obtain documentation to ensure that providers are in true compliance with insurance companies, and we provide customized reporting so that our clients know exactly what is going on with their account.

What are the benefits of outsourcing a billing company?

The landscape for Behavioral Health is shifting rapidly. We are seeing new and changing regulations, different payment approaches, proliferation of practice management software, and challenges of out-of-network billing. These changes bring new challenges AND opportunities to our industry. So, how does outsourcing benefit our clients?

1. Compliance knowledge reduces denial rate.

2. Availability performance and claim quality data, provided in a meaningful way, gives you more insight of what factors affect your revenue cycle.

3. Financial expertise helps you make decisions based on better projections of revenue.

4. Experience in administering billing services across a wide cross section of substance abuse treatment centers provides a better understanding of how insurance companies respond to a variety of claims.

5. The volume of claims generated allows quick identification and reaction to payer requirement changes.

6. Outsourcing allows you to focus on what you do best, helping people.

7. Operational costs will be minimized and revenues maximized.

8. Reliable partnerships and advocates are created.

What is the turnaround time for a claim payment?

With a clean claim format, the turnaround time for payments with major insurance carriers is two to four weeks.

How do I keep up with regulatory changes?

One of the many benefits in partnering with Billing Solutions is our expertise in the field of behavioral health and substance abuse, and our specialized legal and clinical team’s commitment to keep you updated on regulatory changes.

Can your software integrate with our Electronic Health Record (EHR)/ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system?

Yes. We can successfully integrate our software with your facility’s system to reduce duplicate work and increase efficiency for authorizations as well as improve medical records retrieval and clinical compliance. Billing Solutions works with a variety of EHR and EMR platforms to maximize efficiency in the utilization management of your clients.

How do I deal with an audit?

It’s important to know that in the behavioral healthcare industry there is a high possibility that you will be audited. However, there are steps you can take to be prepared. During an audit, reimbursement is held (or suspended) from the payer. Therefore, it is pertinent that your facility consistently maintains accurate and complete records for clinical and financial accuracy. Upon receipt of an audit, you must contact your billing company, or, if you do not have a billing company you must contact the payer to ensure that you submit exactly what they are requiring from your facility. This submission of records must be done quickly, and in any format they require. The easier your records are to understand, the faster the audit will be completed.

I am new to the Behavioral Healthcare Industry. Can you help me create a successful business plan?

Billing Solutions prides itself in our commitment to assist new practices develop both clinical and business components for success. Our staff has over 50 years of expertise in both behavior health treatment and billing services. From choosing the appropriate benefits for treatment coverage, assistance in clinical documentation to avoid denials, to collection and appeals; we ensure that your facility is poised to succeed.

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