Patient Responsibility Collections

Managing your patient collections so that you can focus on patient care.

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The Patient Responsibility Collections service includes:

  • Patient responsibility collections directly to patients or guarantors via letters and phone calls
  • Tracking all patient payments to your facility to provide the most accurate accounting of what you are still owed by the patient/guarantor and the insurance company
  • Concrete records showing proof of deductible and copay collections and collection attempts
  • Comprehensive monthly reports showing patient balances and progress toward collections
  • Managing payment plans for your patients, approved by you

Why use Patient Responsibility Collections?

  •  Focus on patient care, not patient collections: Your goal is to help patients recover, and the pursuit of collections can be uncomfortable while treating the clients. Let us pursue collections as a separate entity who is not directly involved in patient care.
  • All questions about patient responsibility can be directed to Billing Solutions. While we will always consult you on payment arrangements, Billing Solutions will handle all communication with your patients.
  • Increase your revenue: If you are not collecting the patient responsibility that is owed to you, you are leaving a potential of 25% of additional revenue on the table.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance: Billing Solutions has a dedicated team focused on patient responsibility collections, ensuring all collection attempts happen thoroughly and timely.