LGBTQIA+ Behavioral Health Facility Billing

Billing Solutions for LGBTQIA+ Focused Facilities

You’ve dedicated your career to serving the LGBTQIA+ community through your treatment facility. We’re dedicated to helping you do it even better, with smarter, faster, and superior billing.

Billing Solutions can assist you in realizing more revenue, so you can grow your facility — and help more individuals in the community who are struggling with addiction and/or mental health issues.

Love Wins. So Do We.

Are your patients getting the time in treatment that they need? Let our knowledgeable team, with experience in LGBTQIA+ behavioral health billing, fight to obtain insurance authorizations for appropriate treatment plans, so you and your patients can focus on their healing.

In addition, we can help your bandwidth and bottom line with any of the following services: 

Billing   |   Claims Submissions   |   Utilization Review   |   Analytics

And More!

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