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Introducing Panda

The next Billing Solutions creation to supercharge your revenue cycle.



The Smarter, Faster, Superior Billing Software

Panda helps you navigate through the tangled mess of revenue cycle management by acting as a centralized platform that integrates data and minimizes unnecessary communications. Here’s how it works.



Powered by NECTAR

Panda is just the latest technology developed by Billing Solutions to help simplify our client’s businesses and maximize their profits. It joins NECTAR, our proprietary customer-facing business intelligence dashboard that provides you with the most transparent and robust financial KPIs, saving you time and money.

Get accurate 24/7 reporting on:

  • Total billed charges by insurance carrier or level of care.
  • Total payments by insurance carrier or level of care.
  • Aging reports by insurance carrier, level of care, and patient; intervals of 30, 60, 90, 120 days and beyond
  • Average payment by insurance carrier or level of care by year and month
  • Capture rate percentage (payments divided by charges, by insurance carrier, or level of care)
  • Performance by patient including total billed charges, total payments, average payment and capture rate by patient.

Plus Special Features

NECTAR Reimbursement Calculator 

Estimate what out-of-network policies will pay, based on historical data for local/home payer, funding type, pricing methodologies, third-party payers, employer/group details, and more.

Automatic Notifications

Program thresholds that notify you when collections, billed units, capture rate, or other KPIs vary on a monthly basis.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Customize 24/7 access to export the KPIs that matter to you!


See What Nectar Billing Software Can Do For Your Business

According to Jimmy Rizzo, CEO of Billing Solutions,

“NECTAR helps billing providers by consolidating their client data, which is historically housed in multiple databases, into one central repository, allowing for easier data management, customization, and ongoing maintenance. This translates into saving a lot of time and money. Each provider can access their real-time dashboard via their own login credentials to see pertinent billing data on demand, in lieu of running ad-hoc reports. NECTAR provides insight into your payer mix, based on projected and historical cash flows which can assist with financial planning at the facility.”

Dedicated to Behavioral Health Billing

For more than ten years, Billing Solutions has been dedicated to providing customized billing and practice management services for the behavioral healthcare industry. We continue to invest in the development of proprietary technology that can help you bill smarter, faster, and superior. How can we help your business?