Reimbursement Negotiations

Let us advocate on your behalf.

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Through our reimbursement negotiations service, we act as your partner in advocacy. We take the time to review your documents for errors of any kind and ensure that you get the payments to which you are entitled.


Accomplish your company’s objectives

We pride ourselves on being a thought leader within this industry. We’re able to recommend what negotiations your facility needs to complete with the insurer, and complete them swiftly and successfully. If you find that your practice has more specific needs than what our service currently offers, we’re willing to customize our process so it works best for you.

Want to take a conservative or aggressive stance with your negotiations? We’ll take that into account for every case we handle. If the insurance companies are unable to meet us in the middle, we pass the case on to the processors. On average, this strategic move typically pays out higher than what the third party originally tried to get you to accept. With a customized negotiations process tailored just for you, we can help your business meet your objectives successfully.


Make complex tasks simple

We understand that insurance companies can be difficult to deal with. Our team contacts the insurance companies on your behalf.

We handle our reimbursement negotiations both telephonically and by using our clearinghouse. We’ve set the expectation of a 24-hour error fix for our denial coordinators. Once the claim is finalized, the negotiations are automatically entered into the patient ledger. There you can view a chronological report of applied payments, adjustments, and history of services. When you partner with our specialized team, we handle it all.


Save time and money

Our goal is to collect 97% of billed charges.

When you outsource your billing with Billing Solutions, you’re also outsourcing your negotiations. It’s been reported that more than 30 percent of bills contain errors. Our negotiation service identifies these errors and educates you on what to look for along the way. We also customize negotiations as to whether you want our team to take a conservative or aggressive approach to the type of rates you want to take. Through upfront quality control checks, we reduce the amount of errors going out the door, ultimately helping your practice save both time and money.


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