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Our collections and billing specialists are equipped to provide an unmatched level of service. Using aging reports, electronic claims processing, and monthly status reviews, we customize your billing and collections process so it’s quicker, easier, and simpler.


Discover a new approach to billing

Increase your practice’s productivity. Predict your future revenue more accurately. Manage your facility’s growth. Collect more of your well-earned fees. Once you achieve these objectives, you are able to focus on your core competency-patient care.
Our cutting-edge software and our staff’s commitment to excellence is what differentiates our billing and collections process from the rest. Through constant communication and the ability to customize our processes, we work hard to tailor our services to your unique needs.

Our most popular billing and collections services include:

  • Electronic claims processing
  • Aging reports
  • Monthly statements


Collect revenue faster and easier

Our electronic claims processing is designed to speed up your reimbursements by maximizing throughput of our billing process. This helps you avoid disruptions to your cash flow, which ultimately helps you collect revenue faster with fewer complications.

When we handle your claims processing electronically, we’re simplifying the revenue cycle. We’re able to direct your claims to multiple payers. And by making sure your billing is correct the first time, we reduce the common complications on the back end and alleviate your stress of dealing with insurance companies.


Project your revenue

Aging reports accurately align your expectations with your company’s financial future. Based on collected analytics, aging reports are helpful in projecting your revenue and managing your facility’s growth. The reports reflect gaps in a facility’s processes such as billing errors or claims not being submitted appropriately. We relay these issues to you immediately along with our proposed solution.

With our monthly aging reports, you’ll be able to confidently care for your patients. Knowing your financial outlook gives you the confidence to plan for the future of your facility.


Receive statements, reports, and updates regularly

As a part of our billing and collections services, we provide your company with monthly statements, reports, and updates. These monthly updates allow us to remain on the same page, which is something that is crucial when dealing with your company’s finances.

If you feel that your company needs more guidance, we’ll customize our service to you. Whether you need bi-weekly aging reports or weekly electronic claims, we’ll tailor our expertise and services to meet your needs.


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