Staff Training

Provide skills to your staff for meeting insurer documentation requirements.

We provide onsite training for admissions, clinicians, and executives. We educate your staff on how the insurance process works, clarify what responsibilities are required of the practice, and explain how modifying your processes helps maintain a long-term, efficient billing system.


Polish procedures and work products

Our years of experience in the field of mental health and substance abuse has given us the opportunity to assess many of treatment facilities, varying significantly in their knowledge of billing and insurance processing. We’ve used this experience to document what works and what does not work when submitting supporting documentation to insurers.

Billing Solutions begins its training by evaluating your current processes, beginning with intake assessment through discharge. We review both procedures and work products to determine training needs. Some common and critical elements in our training include:

  • Reporting training: Understanding the types of reports available, and how to effectively use them to improve your processes
  • Admissions training: Creating effective documentation for initial authorization, understanding the urgency associated with initial admissions, familiarity with the details of insurance correspondence (e.g. authorization approvals, explanation of benefits (EOBs), and negotiations.)
  • Clinical training: Generating proper documentation based on level of care, reviewing denial reasons to pinpoint solutions, and addressing frequently asked questions from insurance carriers


Rely on constant support from our team

Training is an ongoing process: Insurer requirements change; regulations change; staff members require periodic boosters to reinforce best practices.

Our team reviews facility performance reports that measure the effectiveness of your processes and products, using insurer responses and claims submitted. We use this information to determine if additional training may be necessary. We review these findings with your management and follow up as asked.

As an industry leader, Billing Solutions stays abreast of changes in Behavioral Health regulations, insurer requirements, technology capabilities, and other developments impacting our industry. We develop responses to these events, and share the information with our clients. When appropriate, we modify our procedures and distribute these modifications for use by our clients.


Recognize a need for staff training

Training is often overlooked in meeting the daily requirements of patient care.

Whether you are a new facility or one that has already received training, you will benefit from the periodic review of indicators that your staff may need training:

  • Slow reimbursements
  • High number of denied claims
  • Issues with medical necessity documentation
  • Confusion or a lack of understanding payer trends and best practices


Improve documentation for all levels of care

Training requirements are defined by the nature of the facility, as well as the services and level of care provided. Whether you are a medical laboratory, a residential treatment facility, a detox center, an intensive outpatient facility or an outpatient facility, we provide the training necessary to create the documentation that insurers will accept.


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