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Jimmy Rizzo, Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Jimmy Rizzo, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Billing Solutions has more than 20 years of experience working with behavioral health and substance abuse facilities. He started his career as a house manager for a not-for-profit men’s halfway house in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. As a house manager, his duties required working with men battling substance abuse early in their recovery. Eager to learn, he quickly began national marketing efforts geared towards primary treatment facilities for individuals seeking a continuum of care for their recovery. Because these efforts were so successful, the facility required expansion, leading Jimmy to learn grant writing and not-for-profit fundraising. With the help of his determination, the facility grew from 20 to 40 beds and expanded into multiple properties.

In 1997, Jimmy was recruited as a union liaison by a respected treatment facility located in West Palm Beach, Florida. In this capacity, he was able to offer extended care treatment to union members, their spouses, and dependents throughout the northeast. While in this position, he became knowledgeable of health insurance policies that assist in the coverage of substance abuse treatment, which was desperately needed by individuals that were commonly denied.

In 2004, Jimmy had the opportunity to become a partner in the first insurance based, extended care treatment facility in Arizona. After the development of a successful and clinically-sound program, his focus transitioned to the business dealings of the facility. In 2008, he developed and incorporated an internal billing component for his company.

As a consultant, he provided verification of benefits, utilization review, billing and collections, aging reports for many facilities. Realizing the need for a trusted billing service in this category, Billing Solutions was created in 2010. Since then, Billing Solutions employs more than 100 staff members and provides billing services for more than 60 facilities.