Guest Blog: Vaping as a Gateway to Illicit Drug Use

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Addiction

Billing Solutions Team
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This week our guest blog features Safe Landing Recovery for Teens as they discuss the dangers of vaping in adolescents.

In 2021, it’s safe to say if you type ‘vape shops near me’ into a search engine, you’ll receive a slew of results with different marketing tactics to lure in potential customers. We saw initial speculation that vaping was a safe way to smoke, however, as with cigarettes, there has been countless studies done that present the negative impacts electronic devices have on our health.

So, what exactly is vaping? Let’s review the table below:

Upon consumption of the nicotine, flavoring, or humectant, it’s combusted into any of the following:

Acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, acrolein, particulates, toxic metals

Not exactly the recipe you’d concoct if you’re interested in treating your body like a temple, is it?

Either way, how dangerous is the inhalation of said products? Let’s see some possible side effects as well as the enhanced addictive nature of nicotine amongst teens:

And now, on to the all-too-common question of whether something is a gateway drug, let’s take a quick look at the link between vaping and drug use –

How can you help avoid the potentially elusive spiral towards illicit drug use amongst our younger generation?

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