A Sober Way Home Case Study

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Case Studies

Billing Solutions Team
Billing Solutions provides medical billing services for behavioral healthcare practices.

Case Study: A Sober Way Home

A Sober Way Home is an Arizona Drug Rehab Center located in the city of Prescott, Arizona. Patients experience a positive way of living while in a family-style atmosphere. As a top-rated rehabilitation center, A Sober Way Home offers a variety of treatment programs for a range of patients: adult men and women, young men and women, young opiates, compulsive gamblers, dual diagnosis patients, and more. Every home provides a discreet living environment for clients to grow personally while maintaining a clean and sober life.

The Challenge

In 2011, Billing Solutions provided billing and practice management services to A Sober Way Home. Our services were aimed at overcoming inefficient financial habits in order to increase billing proficiency and revenue for the top-rated Arizona Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment Center. A Sober Way Home understood that if they expanded their level of expertise and improved their billing and documentation processes, they could provide the highest level of care to their patients and still remain profitable, especially for dual-diagnosis treatment.

Discover how Billing Solutions achieved the expectations of A Sober Way Home and how we measured their results.

The Process

After speaking with A Sober Way Home and thoroughly understanding the expectations of the treatment center, Billing Solutions visited their residence to observe and evaluate daily internal processes. By monitoring the facility and speaking with the company’s executives, our personnel discovered multiple gaps between admitting and discharging patients. Billing Solutions focused on these key areas of improvement and introduced a new, customized program that promoted efficiency and avoided wasteful work.

The program included Billing Solutions working with A Sober Way Home directly. Our specialists trained their staff on coding processes, changed treatment schedules, and worked on appropriate methods of clinical documentation. The new program was successfully implemented by working closely with the CEO, clinical director, and the entire clinical team.

In addition to helping the already well-established treatment center overcome poor billing habits, we also focused on improving the level of customer service in order to extend the highest level of care as long as possible.

The Results

A Sober Way Home saw incredible results. After just a few months of improving internal processes and identifying additional billing opportunities, the company dramatically increased their number of billed charges, ultimately increasing their revenue. They began collecting payments for services they had always offered but for which they did not previously bill. With a significant increase in revenue and improved process flow, A Sober Way Home admitted more patients without sacrificing their quality patient care. They also provided full and partial scholarships for students studying behavioral healthcare and increased the amount of pro bono services they could offer to those in need.
*Specific details of financial improvements have been withheld for reasons of confidentiality.