Behavioral Healthcare Billing: Get Paid Faster in 3 Steps

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Behavioral Health, Claim Denials, Minimize Errors, Revenue, Revenue Cycle Management, Staff Training

Billing Solutions Team
Billing Solutions provides medical billing services for behavioral healthcare practices.

As a behavioral healthcare treatment professional, you most likely came to work in the field because you care about helping people. Your expertise lies within mental health and substance abuse treatment — not billing. However, if you’re not already using a third-party healthcare billing company, a lot of your time and your clinicians’ time may be spent on submitting claims and managing patient authorizations. Managing your treatment facility’s billing in-house could be taking up time you don’t have and slowing down your reimbursements. At Billing Solutions, behavioral healthcare billing is our area of expertise. Let us can help you get paid faster with these three steps:

1. Minimize Behavioral Healthcare Billing Errors

Ensuring your company is submitting claims successfully begins with avoiding denials or rejections by minimizing errors. Insurance claims are complicated and can easily be denied for something as simple as a small coding error. Are you confident about having your revenue in your staff’s hands?” Billing Solutions offers comprehensive education for staff, so your clinicians will submit claims correctly the first time around, speeding up your processing period for payment.

2. Follow Up on Unpaid Behavioral Healthcare Claims

Following up on patient responsibility payments can be extremely time consuming if handled in house. Many facilities even end up opting to leave that money on the table rather than invest the time and resources in pursuing it. If you’re currently not pursuing all of your outstanding payments, you’re seriousy impacting your bottom line. A third party billing company like Billing Solutions can take over the charge to continuously fight for your money and keep up with patient collections. Meanwhile, Billing Solution’s unique software, Nectar, allows you to see real-time data and the status of your claims so you can see how you are getting paid faster and better.

3. Stream-line Your Behavioral Healthcare Revenue Cycle

The third and most important step in getting reimbursements faster is to stream-line your revenue cycle. Since billing isn’t your core competency, you may inadvertently be slowing down your payments and creating gaps within your revenue cycle. Billing Solution’s experts will mend and stream-line the process from claim submission to final payment, making it easy, efficient, and accurate.

The Ultimate Solution

Stop spending your valuable time trying to solve billing in house. At Billing Solutions, our financial experts will help you get paid more, faster. Industry-wide, the average time it takes to receive payment from a claim is 35 days or more, but Billing Solutions’ advocacy for authorizations and accuracy in claim submissions decreases that period to an average of 26.8 days — sometimes less. Stop waiting for the well-earned money that you could be allocating back to your residential behavioral health program. Submit the form below to receive a free account review and analysis and find out how you could be receiving more money — faster.