Are You Losing Money? The Truth About Your Revenue Cycle

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Account Review, Minimize Errors, Revenue Cycle Management, Staff Training

Billing Solutions Team
Billing Solutions provides medical billing services for behavioral healthcare practices.

Managing a behavioral health facility’s revenue cycle is a complex process and objectives within your revenue cycle could easily be overlooked. Could you be losing money you deserve and not even know it? Billing Solution’s thorough Account Review & Analysis will answer that burning question you’ve always had and help you find a solution to any issues within your revenue cycle.

Account Review & Analysis

Our in-depth Account Review & Analysis will examine every aspect of your behavioral health facility’s revenue cycle, from your patients’ verification of benefits to reimbursement adjudication. After evaluating your processes for admissions and billing, we’ll recommend areas where your team can make improvements. At Billing Solutions, we even offer staff training, so you can prevent errors like these from occurring in the future.

Your facility’s customized Account Review & Analysis will help you better understand your treatment facility’s greatest revenue drivers. We’ll then advise on how to streamline those drivers, so you can maximize your revenue.

Account reviews also evaluate insurance reimbursement trends for the following measures and demonstrate how they explain revenue cycles:

  • Production rates: number of claims/dates of service billed versus paid/adjudicated
  • Capture rates: percentage of paid to billed
  • Average allowable amounts by payer
  • Payer mix of aging receivables
  • Monthly collection composition

Solve Your Behavioral Health Billing Issues

By providing you with this full analysis of your behavioral health facility’s revenue cycle, we’ll also give you feedback on exactly which processes may be syphoning your revenue cycle. Have you noticed an increase in your adjudication timeline, decreasing trends in the authorization process, an increase in denial, or unsuccessful appeals? These are common factors contributing to lost revenue we often find when performing an Account Review & Analysis. You could be losing up to 25% of your revenue due to these errors or mismanagement, so don’t wait until it’s too late.

We’ll also provide you with the necessary information to minimize delays with insurance providers. Save your time and bill efficiently with the help of Billing Solutions. After your customized Account Review & Analysis, we’ll provide you with the solution to maximize your facility’s revenue and align your growth goals. Receive a free, no-pressure, Account Review & Analysis from one of our expert financial advisors by simply filling out our contact form.