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You take care of your patients. We take care of your billing.

Billing Solutions offers claims and billing services for the behavioral healthcare industry. When you partner with us, you receive a commitment to quality work for all levels of care. Our commitment to provide exceptional customer service ensures you can reach us when you need us most. Our hands-on approach and customizable options make managing your billing process more successful and less stressful.

Verification of Benefits

Improve patient flow by standardizing your verification and admission process. Get the professional guidance you need to make timely and well-informed admission decisions. Eliminate the risk of misinformation and increase turnaround times by working with a team of verification specialists directly. You’ll receive a customized insurance verification form that eliminates potential errors and promotes proper documentation of your patients. We solidify your verification process so you don’t waste time and money in the long-run.

Utilization Review

Achieve the greatest total coverage possible for your patients. As your advocate, Billing Solutions works with the insurance providers to obtain coverage for the entirety of your client’s treatment episode. Get the information on whether a payer approves a request directly from our experienced utilization team. From a patient’s admission through discharge, you can rely on our proficiency to provide a customized process that strives for higher levels of care and longer lengths of stay.

Billing & Collections

Generate important data about your practice more quickly and easily to better project your future revenue cycle and monitor the performance of your practice. Customized aging reports, electronic claims processing, and monthly status updates ensure a smooth billing and collections process. Apply our innovative approach to your current processes to increase your practice’s productivity and collect your well-earned profits. Through our customizable service and constant communication, your billing and collection process can be made simple and effective.

Reimbursement Negotiations

Get a thorough review of your reimbursement negotiations to avoid errors and to ensure payments are received on time. We recommend what negotiations your facility requires, and we help you complete them swiftly and successfully. Uncollected bills, untimely payments, and the constant back and forth between you and the insurance company will be managed by Billing Solutions. You’ll save time and money by having quality control checks up front.


Give the responsibility of reviewing procedure denials and determining how they can be processed-including all of the paperwork-over to our professional medical billing company. Our appeals processing service aggressively and consistently follows up on all unpaid or underpaid claims. Save time and effort by having a team of specialists identify and correct potential errors in your insurance documents. We deal with the inadequacies of the appeal process from start to finish, and share our knowledge about the appeal process with you.

Patient Responsibility Collections

With the current insurance environment, with lower reimbursement and increased regulatory pressures, Billing Solutions is pleased to announce a new service offering to our clients: Patient Responsibility Collections. Through this service, Billing Solutions will work with your facility and your patients to collect patient responsibility, while allowing you to focus on patient care.

Nectar Portal

A Client Analytics Portal for our Behavioral Health customers. NECTAR is a customer facing business intelligence dashboard showing financial Key Performance Indicators (KPI).


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