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Revenue Cycle Management: Fact vs. Fiction

By Billing Solutions Team on April, 16 2021

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Billing Solutions Team

Billing Solutions provides medical billing services for behavioral healthcare practices.

Billing Solutions has been helping our partners in the behavioral health industry thrive for more than ten years. Over that time, we’ve heard a lot of misconceptions about revenue cycle management – and we’ve seen them disproved. If you’re thinking about outsourcing your billing and something’s still holding you back, check out these common revenue cycle management myths to find out if your assumptions are really correct.

FICTION: Claim denials are inevitable.

FACT: Although it might feel that way, claim denials do not have to cripple your organization. At Billing Solutions, we have more than fifty years of combined experience dealing with insurance companies, so we can guide you from coding through submission to ensure that you realize the maximum revenue and your client receives the appropriate care.

FICTION: Appeals are useless.

FACT: If you do get a denial, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on getting paid. Hiring a firm like Billing Solutions to handle your revenue cycle management means that you have a team fighting for your revenue – and we won’t give up until your appeal is approved.

FICTION: If I outsource my revenue cycle management, I won’t have any idea what’s going on.

FACT: Working with a partner like Billing Solutions can give you a level of transparency and clarity regarding your revenue that you’ve never had before. We’ll streamline your operations so you can get more revenue, faster, and you’ll understand how it’s happening.

FICTION: I already get all the financial reports that I need.

FACT: By the time you get a report from your financials team, it’s out of date. At Billing Solutions, our proprietary software, Nectar, was developed specifically to address the needs of behavioral health businesses. Nectar allows you to get a 24/7 line of sight on all of the important performance indicators for your organization. You’ll never be working with out-of-date or incorrect data again.

FICTION: Nobody will work as hard on my business as I do.

FACT: A hired team can work on your business even harder than you do, because behavioral health billing is all we do. We don’t have to worry about your need to hire a new counselor, the air conditioner you need to replace, or that client who seems ready to bolt. Being a business owner means wearing many hats at once. Let us take one off for you. Over more than ten years of business and dozens of clients, we’ve built a reputation for fighting for your revenue as if it were our own. (In fact, in a literal sense it is!)

FICTION: Paying someone to do my billing is going to cut into my revenue.

FACT: Revenue cycle management can help you realize more revenue over the long run, and is definitely more cost-effective than hiring an entire internal revenue management team.

Got more questions about what revenue management can do for you and your business? Chat us right here on the website to get your questions answered. Or, get a free account analysis by filling out the form below. 

The fact is, you can realize more revenue, faster, by partnering with a better solution: Billing Solutions.

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