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Case Study: Seacliff

Located in Huntington Beach, California, Seacliff Recovery Center is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. Seacliff helps their patients plan for a better future by educating them about life skills while also providing them with opportunities to attend college and seek employment. Patients are taught to focus on the mind, body, and spirit to better understand the disease of addiction while under the skilled care of the Seacliff staff.


The Challenge

Seacliff was challenged with balancing billing responsibilities while focusing on patient care, so they were in need of an effective billing and practice management system. The staff’s primary focus was on patient care—where it should be—however, a laxer attitude toward billing and collections had resulted in a significant decrease in profits. In addition to a loss in profits, Seacliff, as many other treatment facilities, suffered losses with the industry-wide Health Net Audits. The treatment center—which was struggling to stay abreast of regulatory compliance—needed professional guidance that better aligned their internal operations with industry standards.

Read on to learn how Billing Solutions successfully implemented various working structures for Seacliff, and how we measured the results.


The Process

After realizing the severity of Seacliff’s struggles, Billing Solutions made an on-site visit to evaluate their billing and patient processes. We discovered several areas in which we could improve documentation processes. After identifying the gaps in Seacliff’s processes and counseling the staff on ways to make the structure more efficient, we developed an advanced system that was designed to improve upon their current one.

Billing Solutions applied best practices using a hands-on approach—we created new policies for the facility, provided guidelines to easily pass audits by Health Net, improved the level of patient documentation to ensure proper patient examination, and developed a financial agreement for internal use—all while maintaining constant communication via conference calls held with the CEO and clinical staff.


The Results

Billing Solutions worked hand in hand with Seacliff to identify areas that needed assistance, and used their years of experience in the industry to customize unique solutions for the company’s specific needs.

The treatment center now has an overall better understanding of their patients’ needs and the importance of their responsibilities as a practice. With a new mindset backed by smooth and thorough internal processes, Seacliff increased their number of billed services and were able to collect on those services, thus substantially increasing their overall revenue.

*Specific details of financial improvements have been withheld for reasons of confidentiality.