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Behavioral Health Revenue Cycle Management Analytics Credentialing

Q & A With High Watch Recovery
By Billing Solutions Team on July 16, 2021

Billing Solutions has been partnered with High Watch Recovery Center for years; as such, we’ve seen them go from a well-respected organization that opened in 1939 (with the first...

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Behavioral Health Revenue Claim Denials Revenue Cycle Management Analytics

3 Key Analytics to Help You Make More Money
By Billing Solutions Team on April 23, 2021

Is your organization financially healthy? When trying to answer that question, an abundance of information can sometimes be just as problematic as a dearth of data. In the face of...

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The Residential Behavioral Health Facility’s Guide to Billing

Managing a residential behavioral health facility is complicated enough. Add in the pressure of navigating authorizations, pursuing payment collections, and more, and it’s definitely too much for one person to handle.For more on what partnering with a team of revenue cycle experts might look like, check out this ultimate guide to behavioral healthcare billing.

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