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Billing Solutions provides medical billing services for behavioral healthcare practices.
Understanding the Opioid Epidemic
By Billing Solutions Team on March 1, 2016

Our nation is experiencing an opioid crisis. Many people don’t understand how violently the opioid epidemic has gripped the world around them. This is an addiction that kills without...

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Common Billing Mistakes That A Healthcare Billing Service Can Avoid
By Billing Solutions Team on February 28, 2016

If you have one of your employees doing your medical billing and coding, you are most likely going to encounter a mistake here and there. Making even a simple mistake can unfortunately lead...

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Outsourcing Your Healthcare Billing Has Never Been More Beneficial
By Billing Solutions Team on February 20, 2016

More doctors, hospitals, and other medical businesses are opting to outsource their medical billing services. Studies predict that the medical billing industry will be worth 17 billion...

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Things to Know About Healthcare Billing for Behavioral Healthcare Industry
By Billing Solutions Team on February 15, 2016

In the healthcare industry, medical practitioners need to focus their attention on the care of their patients. When a practice grows, you medical billing paperwork will also grow...

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Bobby Coffey, Executive Director at Aquila Recovery Clinic
By Billing Solutions Team on March 12, 2015

I can’t say enough about the quality of service we receive from the Billing Solutions team. Their attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile has made a significant difference...

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Rob Schwarz, Vice President of Admissions at High Watch Recovery Center
By Billing Solutions Team on March 7, 2015

High Watch Recovery Center has been open since 1940 and with the help of Billing Solutions has been able to work with insurance companies for the past year. Billing Solutions has been...

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Dr. Ron Smith, MD, PhD. - A Historical Journey of Parity
By Billing Solutions Team on March 5, 2015

Listen to highlights from Dr. Ron’s talk right here on our site! Audio following bio. Dr. Ron Smith is one of the great intellectual minds of our time. More importantly, he has a heart and...

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Justin Dufour, Managing Partner at Desert Cove Recovery
By Billing Solutions Team on March 5, 2015

We are thankful everyday for the Revenue Cycle Management services that Billing Solutions provides our facility. They are true experts in the industry, staying ahead of trends and...

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A Sober Way Home Case Study
By Billing Solutions Team on March 4, 2015

Case Study: A Sober Way Home A Sober Way Home is an Arizona Drug Rehab Center located in the city of Prescott, Arizona. Patients experience a positive way of living while in a family-style...

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A Sober Way Home
By Billing Solutions Team on March 2, 2015

Their advocacy for our patients through the years has been second to none. Their staff is qualified, skilled, and extremely efficient. We would recommend Billing Solutions to any facility...

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The Residential Behavioral Health Facility’s Guide to Billing

Managing a residential behavioral health facility is complicated enough. Add in the pressure of navigating authorizations, pursuing payment collections, and more, and it’s definitely too much for one person to handle.For more on what partnering with a team of revenue cycle experts might look like, check out this ultimate guide to behavioral healthcare billing.

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