Billing for Adolescent Behavioral Treatment

Billing Solutions for Adolescent Treatment Centers

Medical billing can get confusing for anyone — especially if you’re treating adolescents. There is a whole different set of codes that pertain to treating substance abuse and mental health in individuals under 18, and using one wrong code can cause reimbursement denials and a significant block to your revenue.

How Can We Help?

Our financial experts have over 50 years of combined experience, working in both the clinical and financial areas of behavioral health facilities. They’ll work to train your staff and clinicians on the proper medical codes to use and the right way to submit necessary information to the insurance company, so you can decrease denials and maximize your revenue. Or, let us take it off your plate entirely.

Mix and match our services in a way that works for your facility, including:

Billing   |   Claims Submissions   |   Utilization Review   |   Analytics

And More!

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